Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to the man who loved me at the toughest times, who told me I was beautiful when I didn't recognize myself anymore in the mirror, who held my hand so many times when I went through scary and painful procedures, who was by my side when I received bad news (again and again), who dragged me outside to walk two blocks when all I wanted was to curl up under a blanket, who always made me laugh even when I was sad or in pain (or in an MRI machine where you have to lay still 😉), who adjusted himself completely to my slow pace when I had little energy, who supports my dreams, even when that means we are 5000 miles apart now, who is always interested in everything I do, whose life has changed so much because of me, and not all in a good way, but who stood by my side even though he could have run away, who cares not just about me but about all people around him. I can't describe how much I love you @denniskemperman ♥ #valentinesday #myvalentine #cancer #breastcancer #love #boyfriend #longdistancerelationship

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Wereldkankerdag - 3.5 jaar na diagnose
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